If you have attended one of our sessions, please tell us what you think about it. Give us the good & bad, we want to improve.

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  1. OK, not what I was expecting, but was actually more fun. More shooting than I expected but can get expensive.

    • Thanks Andy, unfortunately shooting can get expensive. However, you have to remember that shooting with us saves costs you may have if you shoot with a club. You don’t need a licence, insurance, medical checks or (biggest saving) your own guns. Even if you had a licence, you would find it hard to get a MP5, AR15, AK47, Sig Uzi because they are all considered to “be the same” in the eyes of the law. Yes, our ammunition is quite expensive, but that’s to cover our costs (unless you shoot thouss of rounds a year) is cheaper than having your own equipment.

  2. Many thanks from us both for a very enjoyable time at your opening this afternoon. Excellent emphasis on safety; excellent variety of rifles, styles advice.
    We hope you’ll be holding more instructional events in the near future. Please keep us informed.
    Neil Jonathan.

  3. Really enjoyed the session it was great fun! Clear instructions lots of information given about the different guns. Staff very informative helpful for myself being inexperienced. Worth every penny. 100% will go again I look forward to it!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed it I had a great time. I have never done anything like this before I now want to go again. There is a wide range of guns you have the opportunity to shoot I was shown clearly safely to use them. Thank you for the experience I hope to come back soon!

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