Air, CPC & CO2

So you want to have a go at shooting but don’t want to start a sport that requires lots of paperwork licences? Give air rifle shooting a go – not only is it quiet, but potentially something you can do in your own garden.

Kral Supermarine

The Supermarine from Kral Arms is a high powered, very accurate rifle. It offers an ergonomic design, high-quality aesthetics top-end performance. With a 200 bar fill pressure you will get up to 100 shots per fill. When you pair this with the 12 shot magazine you have a rifle that allows you to focus on your shot rather than reloading or refilling.

Hammerli AR20

The AR20 isn’t just a recreational gun. It’s a match air rifle: a sophisticated sporting gun with a 300 bar compressed air system, an aluminum stock with a wide range of settings a finely adjustable match trigger. It’s perfect in every detail, from the design to the accessories to the precision mechanism.

Air Arms Ultimate Sporter

The Ultimate Sporter has a fully-adjustable cheekpiece & butt pad working in perfect harmony with the semi-match design of the stock, the Ultimate Sporter gives the hunter the degree of control never before available to sporting airgunners.