Close Protection Firearms Training

There is a growing call for Close Protection in a forever changing world. It is very difficult to train with firearms in the UK, not even we can get large calibre weapons to train with. However, we have a range of small bore rifles & which are as identical to the full bore version as is necessary to “pick it up & go”.

If you are in a situation where you come under gun fire, you most likely won’t have a gun to shoot back. However, if you obtain one, how do you use it? How do you quickly deal with a jam, mag change? Where is the safety? In this situation, speed saves lives, you need to know the weapon you just picked up. You need to know how to drop the mag & quickly insert another, you need to know how to cock the rifle. It all looks so easy in the films, but I can assure you that under stress it becomes more difficult.

Spend a day training with us, we will take you from beginner to running a practical course with different rifles (SIG, AR15, MP5, AK47, UZI). We will go over & over the mag change (sounds boring, but getting it done quickly or in the dark could be a game changer). We will teach you how to move quickly with a loaded rifle, how to drop the magazine & load a new one, how to hit the target from multiple positions.

Being able to shoot is one thing, but shooting the right target is essential. We have a bank of turning targets, they will turn & you have the split second decision – shot or not to shoot. We will also load two targets, a goodie & a baddie, when the target turns you need to hit the right one.

We will also train with blank firing pistols (we can’t make the real thing available to you, but blanks give the same impression. Quick draw, insert mag, cock. It’s not difficult, but you might not have time to examine the pistol you just picked up, you need it ready to shoot straight away.

We will get you up to speed.

This course will be a full day at an indoor range, you will get to shoot hundreds of rounds & we will provide a range of hot & cold drinks throughout the day with food at lunch time.

The cost will be £500 per person with a maximum of four people per day. Two training officers will host the day, both are regular Practical Shooters. If you are deemed competent you will be given an OSA certificate in Close Protection Firearms Competency & will be entered on our register for verification. The certificate will be valid for one year then refresher courses should be taken regularly to maintain your skills.

Close Protection Firearms Training Course500.00 GBPGet certified as competent in firearms
Close Protection Firearms Training Refesher Course250.00 GBPRefresher course to maintain certification
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