Learn shooting as a corporate team building exercise, stag or hen parties, or just a family wanting to learn how to shoot. We offer a range of packages to suit most, but if you don’t see anything that works for you we can build something that does.


The basics of guns, how they work, the moving parts, how to load a round into a rifle, how to load a magazine, safety. Then some shooting.

  • 10 rounds through bolt action target rifle
  • 10 rounds through an under-leaver cowboy style rifle
  • 40 rounds (two magazines) through a semi-auto military style rifle

Approximately 2 hours (depending on how many people attend)

Back Again

A reminder of safety, then some shooting.

  • 20 rounds to use between your choice of bolt action under-leaver cowboy style rifle
  • 100 rounds (five magazines) to use between your choice of semi-auto military style rifles

Approximately 2 hours (depending on how many people attend)

Bring it on

A reminder of safety. Tuition in shooting from different positions different target distances.

  • 200 rounds (10 magazines) to use between your choice of semi-auto military style rifles

Approximately 2 hours (depending on how many people attend)

Practical Shooting for Beginners

For someone who has little to no shooting experience, this series of four range visits over a period of days or weeks is intended to get you to the stage where you can start Practical Shooting safely.  A crash-course over two days can be arranged over a Friday & Saturday on the last weekend of the month (excluding December).  We can even arrange your hotel room at a discounted price.

Session 1

An introduction to shooting, covering safety, how a rifle works, how to load a rifle then some shooting.
A total of 60 rounds to be fired through three different types of rifle.

Session 2

More on how a rifle works, covering semi-automatic (gas blow-back), different types of rounds (primarily rimfire centre fire) & how they work.
Basics of reloading ammunition.
Some more shooting with tips on how to get a better shot.
A total of 140 rounds to be fired through two or more different types of rifle.

Session 3

How to apply for a Firearms Certificate (commonly referred to as a FAC).
How you will be expected to store firearms & ammunition.
How to buy a gun, how to sell a gun, how to buy ammunition.
Insurance, where you can shoot.
More shooting through semi-automatic rifles with tips on rapid fire.
A total of 200 rounds to be fired through semi-automatic rifles of your choice.

Session 4

How to move safely with a loaded rifle.
How to decide the best location to shoot from.
A discussion about optics (types use from different distances).
A demonstration of practical shooting, then if we are happy with your safety you will get a chance to have a go.

This will be about 4 hours per session, depending on how many people attend.  There will be extra time to do more shooting where extra ammunition can be bought on the day or added to the package when booking.

Lots of Wind

So you want to have a go at shooting but don’t want to start a sport that requires lots of paperwork licences? Give air rifle shooting a go – not only is it quiet, but potentially something you can do in your own garden. How about a family day out, or an activity for the kids over the summer holidays? Under 16 years old will need at least one parent who doesn’t have to pay if they aren’t having a go, but why not try?

We will have a range of targets from competition to zombies, take your pick. Each booking will require at least eight people to shoot, but if you can’t form a group this size, we can pencil you in to one of our planned sessions.

This session will last two hours, with a talk about safety before shooting. Each session will be managed by an experienced Range Conducting Officer (RCO). Rifles will be set up in the range a detail of four will rotate between them. No restriction on the number of shots fired, though time will be fixed on each rifle to allow others to try it too.

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Buy a voucher

All of our pre-defined experiences can be bought as a voucher, send us a message for more details.

Packages can be tailored to suit your requirements, get in touch so we can discuss what will work best for you.

We require a minimum of six people per session but have to limit to a maximum of 16 people.

About our range

Our range is registered with the Home Office & is used by several Home Office registered clubs. Every event will be run by a Range Conducting Officer (RCO) & tuition will be from people with many years shooting experience.

Although our range is indoors it may get cold during the winter so bring a warm jumper if cold weather is expected.