Safety, safety, safety. It may sound boring but when you are participating in a sport that could easily have deadly consequences if mistakes are made safety has to come first. But that doesn’t mean no fun. Obviously lots of people have fun shooting on a regular basis. Once safety becomes second nature (just like changing gear when you are driving) you can enjoy the sport just like many do.

Every session will start with a declaration confirming you will follow our simple safety guidelines. Some sessions will go into detail about how each rifle works, how ammunition is made how a projectile (bullet) is pushed through the barrel. We will cover how to load ammunition into a rifle or magazine (it’s not as simple as it looks, wrongly loaded ammunition can result in a misfeed), what to do if you pull the trigger but nothing happens.

We have a range of firearms including competition target rifles, under-lever (cowboy style) rifles & semi-automatic rifles (military style civilian style).

Our shooting events include paper targets from competition targets to zombies.

We recommend a simple “Intro Experience” to everyone. This will include a lesson on basic safety followed by some shooting.

All of our Range Conducting Officers are competitive shooters themselves & will provide full training to ensure both your safety & enjoyment.

All of our Experience Events can be adapted & combined to create truly unique corporate activity team building days. We require a minimum number of people for any event, the number will depend on the event.

About our range

Our range is registered with the Home Office & is used by several Home Office registered clubs. Every event will be run by a NSRA certified Range Conducting Officer (RCO) & tuition will be from people with many years shooting experience.

Although our range is indoors it may get cold during the winter so bring a warm jumper if cold weather is expected.