What We Offer

An introduction to & an education in firearms – being safe can still be fun.

Team Building

Bring the team in, learn how to shoot then compare targets & scores to see who takes home the winners teeshirt.

Stag & Hen

Stag or hen party? Or any other party? Try shooting.

Just Do It

Thought about taking up shooting as a sport? Before joining a club, have a go at some of the various shooting disciplines.

Shooting as a Sport

Shooting sports is a group of competitive recreational sporting activities involving proficiency tests of accuracy, precision speed in shooting — the art of ranged weapons, mainly man-portable guns (firearms, airguns, in forms such as pistols, rifles shotguns).


The majority of our shoots are LIVE fire, but we also do air by request!

Live fire, it goes BANG! Hearing defenders needed, but that doesn’t spoil the fun. Accuracy distance are a huge advantage of live fire. The proijectuile (bullet) is still dangerouse over a mile away!

What can I shoot?

We have a range of both air & live fire guns, have a look at our selection.