Group booking for 6+

For groups of 6+ we can arrange your own session

5 rounds through competition rifle at a target which will be entered into the group competition plus 100 rounds (5x magazines) through a military rifle. Fantastic fun all round!

We can cater for groups of up to 16 (or even larger on some days were we can book the range for a double session).

5/100 Group of 6500.00 GBPGroup of 6 for 5/100 package
5/100 single addition to group of 690.00 GBPAddition to group of 6 for 5/100 package
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

It doesn’t have to stop…

When You’ve Used What You Prepaid For You Can Buy More

Extra ammunition can be bought on the day!

Target Rifle

An extra 10 rounds for £10.00

Cowboy Rifle

An extra 10 rounds for £10.00


An extra magazine of 20 rounds for £10.00

Double Up

If you buy a ticket in advance, you can double up on ammunition for 80% cost

PLEASE NOTE: These rates only apply to people who booked a ticket in advance.


Where are we?

We are based at:

Witney Projectile Range,
Burford Road,

Rules – unfortunately because of the nature of the sport we have to have some strict rules. Please read below to check this won’t be an issue.

  • No alcohol or drugs – if we suspect you have used either, you will not be allowed in.
  • Unfortunately we have to have tight control over photos – they are not to be taken without asking first. Posing with a gun of any kind deviates the train of thought away from safety. We also have to limit exposure of use of guns to keep a professional image.
  • It is recommended that you wear eye protection (which we can provide if you don’t have your own).
  • It is compulsory that you wear hearing protection (which we can provide if you don’t have your own) unless an instructor has said otherwise.
  • If you point a gun at a person or anywhere other than down the range, you will immediately be asked to leave the range no refund will be given.
  • The youngest age we can accommodate for shooting is 12 years old if they have a parent with them. In such cases one of the instructors will be with the child when shooting but a parent must also bethere.
  • Aged 16 over may shoot without parents being there but must provide a written document to prove a parent has given consent.
  • Some form of ID will be required – accepted forms: passport, driving licence, photo ID issued in the UK. This will be required for everyone shooting (unless accompanied by a parent, who’s ID will cover the children with them).
  • If for any reason you are legally prohibited from discharging a firearm you cannot participate.